LiveSportTips is a free application that will not charge any fees in the future.The LiveSportsTips app is not a bookmaker site,bets can not be made.We only give LIVE suggestions,in the form of tips by push notification. The app monitors live football matches worldwide and sends instant LIVE tips to users based on sophisticated algorithms. Match data is updated on our server moment by moment to check the current dominance of the football teams.Here is not the user who selects an event,but the algorithm filters that select users.Therefore,you sometimes have to wait for suggestions after purchase,because suggested tips will come randomly,depending on the football matches that are currently taking place and their events. In addition to our free tips,we have tips to purchase.Tips can be received immediately after purchase,please prepare your betting account,at any bookmaker's. Let's make sure Live Sports Tips application notifications are turned on! If our suggestion is met within 25 seconds as a goal, we'll give you a new tip.


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In the middle is the free gift (reward),the resource (number of tips left represented by ball icon) and the Shop.Below it are all other options.


Here is a list of football matches,currently taking place worldwide from which we can send you tips,if our proper algorithms are met.

Pending tips

This is a list of pending tips.You can view a history of suggested tips.

Closed tips

This is a list of closed tips.The multiplier for the moment of completion can be found on the winning coupons ,which sometimes differs from the multiplier for the moment of the proposal.

Live calendar

The timing of live football matches around the world,based on GMT.Please note this when purchasing.

Glory tips

Some winning from the last few days from LiveSportsTips.


The Live Sports Tips app monitors matches at a frequency of 3 seconds and notifies users of goal risk if there is the appropriate instantaneous dominance.The focus is on the “Who will score the next goal” type,so the final result is not centric.Please use a similar betting type. If you want to reduce or vary your risk in connection with our proposal,you can do so in the “Score at anytime” betting category,in your bookmaker slip.Note that the odds are in constant motion by the bookmakers during a live event. The tips of the application are effective in the long run,so the short-term calculation may be inaccurate. In sports betting,the high odds are important to have a long-term winning balance.Therefore, application algorithms also suggest higher odds.


LiveSportsTips is a free application that will not charge any fees in the future.

In addition to our free tips, we have tips to purchase. Tips can be received immediately after purchase,so please view the number of live events, prepare your betting account at any bookmaker's. Let's make sure LiveSportsTips application are turned on!

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